The Haitian music industry is mourning the loss of a dear son!

Yvon Cine is gone, butt, his legacy will leave on through his compositions, and the works he left behind.

Naples Fl.- February 28, 2020- The Haitian music industry has lost one of its worthy sons, YVON CINÉ.  He died in the last stronghold of Konpa direct, Florida.

Yvon Ciné has contributed a lot to the development and the promotion of Haitian music, especially the Konpa.  According to historians of the genre, Yvon began his musical career in Pétion-Ville with the group Ibo Negro. He then joined Tabou Combo in New York in the early 1970s. His passage within this flagship group was very remarkable.  With Tabou, he helped konpa remain competitive against the dominance of Kassav and Zouk in the Caribbean.

Being a bass player and composer of Tabou Combo during their period of dominance, Yvon made his mark on many albums and left us to hit songs after hit songs, such as New York City, Canne à Sucre, and Respè, etc.

Yvon was a complete musician.  He was not only interested in Konpa, his favorite style, he also helped propel other styles of music to the forefront of the Haitian musical scene as well.  In the early 90s, He and his friend Fred Lizaire spotted a group of young people in search of notoriety including the famous Black Alex, and created the group King Posse.  Like Tabou Combo, this group has grown to notoriety, and has known exceptional moments.

 Before his death in Florida, Yvon was also a big boss in the promotional sector of the Haitian music industry with his label Cine Records which produced and signed several great musicians and musical groups, such as Eddy Francois and his group Boukan, Toto Necessité, Magnum Band, etc…

 Yvon is gone, but, his legacy will live on through his compositions, and the works he left behind.

 Jhony Desinor, on behalf of Haiti-Info
February 28, 2020
Naples Fl

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