New year, new decade, new you… 

New year, new decade, new you… 

Facebook resolutions are good for the eyes, and can help you collect more likes just like some of my posts, but actually carrying on those resolutions will do you more good than the likes on Facebook. Here are 5 things you can do starting in January 2020 to help you deliver on your new promises, and create the new you that you wish for:

1. Start really investing in yourself. Stop stressing about the things that you can’t control, and invest more in those you can manage. Know your true potentials and your immediate limits. Put together small realistic projects you can carry on, then take on more as you grow. That PHD may sound nice, but sometimes, it may be better to start small and then grow into something bigger. For example, you can start with a Real Estate License, an Insurance agent licence, Financial adviser, CDL, A+, CCNA, or a CNA, then move on to LPN, RN. Soon that PHD may be within reach…

 2. Get healthier: Eat healthier. Take your greens, take less sodium and sugar, drink less, Exercise, monitor your health, keep up with your doctor appointments, do your annual screenings, teeth cleanings, and eye checks. Take your medications, if you have any. Don’t do drugs.

3. Practice a hobby: read, listen to music, DJ, play a sport, play a game, read my facebook posts. Any of the activities may help you release pressure and relax.

4. Travel: Go out of town as often as you can. No need to worry about big vacation spots, or popular sites if you cannot afford them. Go see people you love. Go discover things that are in your mind, but that will not break your bank account.

5. Do good… When you do something good, it makes you proud of yourself, and relax your mind. You will have a sense of self accomplishment and confidence.  Here are a few philanthropic things you can do: make charitable contributions to a cause, volunteer to a local charity, take part in church activities, and community fundraising, and local gatherings, mentor a kid, help pay the scholarship of a kid. 

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(Jhony Desinor ✍🏽)

Naples Fl

January 8th, 2020

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