Haiti’s New Central Bank Governor Sets a Fresh Tone

Haiti’s New Central Bank Governor Sets a Fresh Tone

The government has appointed Ronald Gabriel as the Governor of the Bank of the Republic of Haiti. He has replaced Jean Baden Dubois in this position and leads a new Board of Directors consisting of Georges Henry Fils as the Vice-Governor, Mathieu Fortunat as the General Director, Florian Jean Marie as a member, and Michèle Delerme as a member.

“The policy vision of the Council that I am called to preside over, said Gabriel, is characterized by flexibility that takes into account two sets of contingencies:

  1. Those related to the evolving social, economic, and political factors in Haiti, which are obviously fundamental to our agenda.
  2. Those associated with developments that will occur in the international environment, which pertain to supplementary considerations in the implementation of our agenda.”

The goals of Haiti’s new Central Bank (BRH) board are outlined as follows:

  1. Mastering inflation without constraining growth and employment.
  2. Rehabilitating and energizing the productive sector to support self-sustaining growth efforts.
  3. Diversifying activities within the productive sector by promoting high-potential sectors and creating bridges between them to foster pockets of endogenous growth.
  4. Providing sustained support for export activities in alignment with the development of high-potential sectors.
  5. Utilizing taxation as a tool to incentivize the production of tradeable goods, aiming to reduce the burden of imports, in accordance with high-potential sectors.
  6. Promoting a viable budget framework within an environment rich in production and exchange activities to create the best conditions for the success of fiscal and budgetary reforms.
  7. Removing constraints, particularly budgetary ones, to the effectiveness of monetary policy and credit as a prerequisite for developing a financial sector integrated into the economic and social sectors.

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