Haiti condemns Dominican Republic Over La Vigía Channel Reactivation

Haiti condemns Dominican Republic Over La Vigía Channel Reactivation

The Haitian government has strongly expressed its condemnation of the Dominican Republic’s decision to reactivate a canal along the bordering Masacre River in response to Haiti’s construction of a water intake. In an official statement, Haiti deems any attempt to divert the river’s waters as both unacceptable and hostile. They assert that such actions are in violation of the 1929 agreement and the fundamental right of Haitians to the equitable utilization of shared water resources.

Haiti remains committed to pursuing dialogue as the preferred avenue for resolving this dispute, while also implementing measures in the best interest of its citizens. They stress that any viable solution must ensure the equitable distribution of water resources, facilitate the normalization of relations between the two nations, and reinstate the flow of people and goods across both sides of the border.

The ongoing dispute has resulted in a series of measures, including the Dominican Republic’s closure of its borders since September 15, trade blockades, suspension of visa issuance, and other restrictions, all of which have strained relations between these neighboring nations.

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