Free haircuts, backpack, and food for the mind.

Free haircuts, backpack, and food for the mind.

Every year, around this time, Wilner and his staff at Excelsior Barbershop provide free haircuts, school supplies and backpacks for students in Naples, Florida. A 10-grade kid who was waiting for his haircut said: “Uncle Will is a genuine guy.” He is right. Not only Mr. Wilner runs this “back to school” program, he cares and provides for people all year long, according to several members of the community.

Wilner was not alone in this endeavor, Exante, Alianne, Ti Jo helped with haircuts and hairstyles. Mr “Chef Cook”, a well-known chef in the community was on board to bless everyone with his “soul” food. Dr. Juniace Etienne, and her pastor were also present at the event to listen to parents concerns, and share advice and guidance with the kids.

At the end, it was a good time. The kids are well prepared for the new academic year. 

See you next year to recount the academic success of Wilner’s kids while he prepares others for yet another year. 

Jhony Desinor

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