FIFA Announces Direct Individual Fees for Players at Women’s World Cup, Marking a Landmark Change

FIFA Announces Direct Individual Fees for Players at Women’s World Cup, Marking a Landmark Change

By Haiti Hebdo

ZURICH — In a groundbreaking move, FIFA announced that players participating in the upcoming Women’s World Cup will receive individual fees directly from the global governing body for the first time. The winning team’s players will earn $270,000 (£217,000) each in Australia and New Zealand, while those competing in the group stage will receive $30,000 (£24,000) each. As teams progress further in the tournament, the amount paid will increase significantly, surpassing many players’ club salaries. According to FIFA’s 2022 benchmarking report, the average salary of paid players is $14,000 (£11,300).

The players’ union, Fifpro, has lauded this development as the “outcome of tremendous global collective action by over 150 national team players.” In November, Fifpro sent a letter, signed by 150 international players, to FIFA calling for greater equity in financial compensation and playing conditions. The letter specifically demanded that players receive a significant share of prize money directly, stating that many players entering the Women’s World Cup are amateurs or semi-professionals, which undermines their preparation and the quality of football showcased during the tournament. It also highlighted the lack of agreements with member associations to ensure fair and equitable treatment, including guaranteed World Cup compensation.

This new initiative by FIFA is excellent news for teams like Haiti. It recognizes the need for equitable compensation and fair treatment, addressing the challenges faced by players who often lack professional contracts and financial stability. With the direct individual fees provided by FIFA, players from teams such as Haiti will have an opportunity to receive substantial financial support and recognition for their efforts on the world stage. This development not only elevates the Women’s World Cup as a prestigious event but also fosters inclusivity and empowers players from all backgrounds to pursue their dreams in football.

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