Covid-19: Medical center set on fire in Haiti

Covid-19: Medical center set on fire in Haiti

A building located in down town Port-au-Prince that operates as a Coronavirus treatment center went up in flame engulfing the entire building on the evening of June 7, 2020. It was not immediately clear what caused the fire. But since the outbreak some citizens were tend to attack any facilities used for quarantine in their neighborhood.

According to the management, the damages are very important. The electrical power system is completely down.

The center known as GHESKIO has play an important role in the fight against HIV / AIDS in down town Port-au-Prince (Bicentenaire) and Today it is involved in the fight with the health authorities against the Covid-19,

The fire at GHESKIO occurred at a time when the health authorities are coping, despite many difficulties, to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic.

An independent government agencies known as The office of citizen protection (OPC), urges the population to avoid all forms of stigmatization against people suffering from symptoms linked to the coronavirus pandemic and recommends to the authorities the reinforcement of security for all medical facilities.


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