BMW: More in China

BMW: More in China

BMW has announced the start of production for its new generation of electric cars in China. The ‘Neue Klasse’ will make its way to the Middle Kingdom from the Shenyang factory.

In 2025, BMW’s ambitious ‘Neue Klasse’ of electric cars will arrive in Europe and the US. The automaker had already confirmed the creation of this groundbreaking lineup last year.

Described by Oliver Zipse, the CEO of BMW, as “a complete reset of the car and our understanding of mobility,” the future Series 3, including its electric variant, the i3, will be part of this new development plan.

We also know that a sporty SUV will join the lineup, along with four other models. These will gradually enter the European market between 2025 and 2027. Now, it’s been revealed that China is also on the agenda for these vehicles.

BMW will manufacture them in the BMW Brilliance Automotive factory, a Chinese joint venture. It is already where the Chinese-made BMW iX3 has been produced since the end of 2020.

BMW’s manufacturing operations in China may involve technology transfer and knowledge sharing between Chinese and Western engineers and manufacturers. This could facilitate the exchange of ideas, manufacturing techniques, and innovation between the two regions. While this can contribute to technological advancements, it may also lead to increased competition and the development of local Chinese brands that could potentially impact Western automakers’ market share.

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