Attack on a Judge in Haiti

Attack on a Judge in Haiti

Judge Jean Wilner Morin, aged 54 and overseeing several corruption cases, managed to escape unharmed during an armed attack near the One Stop Market on the Frères road, in Petion-Ville.

An anonymous source from Le Nouvelliste stated that two men on motorcycles opened fire on an armored vehicle belonging to Judge Jean Wilner Morin’s judicial service, which had been assigned to him by the CSPJ the day before. The bullets left 13 impacts on the vehicle. Mr. Morin, the judge, was supposed to question Mr. Kesner Normil, the interim mayor of Pétion-Ville, on Wednesday during a hearing regarding corruption charges.

Investigating Judge Jean Wilner Morin is handling several significant corruption cases, including those of Patrick Noramé (former director-general of BMPAD), Romel Bell (former director-general of the General Customs Administration), and Edwine Tonton (director of the Social Assistance Fund). A close source emphasized that the magistrate is handling “a large portion of the anti-corruption cases” and intends to continue his work despite the hostility he faces.

“We feared this attack because we knew this magistrate, who already has 13 years of judicial experience, was a target,” the source said. In an interview with Le Nouvelliste, the leader of RNDDH, Pierre Esperance, praised Judge Jean Wilner Morin for his honesty and integrity. He emphasized that there is no suspicion of bias against this magistrate. Esperance also highlighted that in 2018, the judge’s mandate had expired and was only renewed in 2022 under President Jovenel Moïse’s term.


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